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A boy born and bred in Brussels who has roots and not shy to claim them. Graduated in "Applied computer science". I'm an active and sporty - Black belt Tae-Kwon-Do - young man.

I feel myself home in a new environment where I can find and learn everything, more and more, I am really eager to learn about all what touches the ICT world. Easy going, I know how to find my own way !

I already have some years of experience in software and web development as I led multiple projects for different organisations already. Hereby I gained a lot of knowledge in the freelance departement.

I have a very enterprising character set. This is among other, manifested itself in a number of jobs where I worked. Working in team also gives me great satisfaction ! Here I try to always treat people the way I like to be threated myself.

"For every door that closes opens a new one", is often said. I'm looking for the door behind which lurks a challenging position where I can use my entrepreneurial nature and behind which I could grow !



I design, develop, test and support the most complex and critical web, mobile and software applications.


I also can be the seam between the software users and the software developers as analyst, so I can convey the demands of software users to the developers.

Project Management

I can, according to the current Prince2 methodologies, deliver your projects within scope, budget, timing and with an eye for quality.


I do not only bring you quality services, but also quality products that I daily develop and maintain to make them better.

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Oct 2017 - Current

Fullstack/Backend Developer (PHP)


Telling stories is Sanoma's profession. Sanoma does this with the help of over 35 different media platforms for a variety of target groups, young and old. Lifestyle, luxury, gastronomy, fashion, beauty, health and culture all have a place in their titles.

Read more about Sanoma's brands on their website.

Environment & Tools: PHP (Laravel, Wordpress), PhpStorm, XML/JSON, MySQL DB, REST Services, GIT, Vagrant, JIRA, Agile methodology, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery

Apr 2017 - Oct 2017

Datacenter Automation Developer (Java/PHP)


In this really interesting project, Proximus made a CMDB tool that is used internally for the maintenance of their datacenter. This tool acts as a central management system for all created networks and network components for customers of Proximus.

You can see this tool as a homemade MS Azure or AWS Amazon. But don’t say it too loud ! :-)

Environment & Tools: PHP, JAVA, J2EE, DAO Design pattern, PhpStorm, XML/JSON, MySQL DB, Actionscript, Adobe Flex, CMDB, REST Services, GIT, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, JIRA, Network & Security, Agile methodology

Jan 2017 - Apr 2017

Backend developer (PHP)


IDWeaver is a web agency for e-marketing, web sites, email marketing and search engine optimization.

For each project, IDWeaver develops the optimum combination of interactive channels for the achievement of the client's goals in terms of communication and online marketing strategy.

Environment & Tools: PHP, PhpStorm, XML/JSON, MySQL DB, InterSystems OCDB, REST Services, Blade & Twig, Laravel & Symfony Framework, GIT, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Teamwork.com, Float.com, Grunt, VirtualBox, Agile methodology

Mar 2016 - Jan 2017

Fullstack developer (PHP - AngularJS)

Belgian Federal Police

It happens that the Belgian Federal Police must confiscate evidence and objects during their investigations and searches. The purpose of this mission is to develop the tool that will be used for the traceability of the confiscated evidence.

The beta version of the project is finalized but the project didn’t receive enough budgets to go on with it. It will surely continue for a final version in the year 2018.

Environment & Tools: Agile Methodology, Apache, PHP, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, CSS3, SASS, JQuery, Javascript, Smarty, SQL, XML, JSON, REST Services, API Services, NetBeans, Intersystem DB

Mar 2015 - Mar 2016

Web & Application developer

SerSo - Services & Solutions

As an advisor or consultant, I advise organizations on issues or improvements. It is a versatile profession. I had contact with many people at various levels in different organizations. I will hereby get a glimpse behind the scenes of diverse companies and see what is wrong, or what could be done better. It is also a demanding profession. Our customers expect a lot from us: that you solve their problems. It is not a matter that we know everything, but that we can quickly gather the right information and that we can give the solution that pleases the customer. I was also responsible for development, by creating tools, applications and websites to facilitate procedures and managing projects.

Environment & Tools: SugarCRM, SAP, JAVA, J2E (JBoss), Android (Java), PHP, OwnCloud, Rest Services, CentOS, HTML, CCS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Maven, GIT, MS SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, XML, Windows Server 2008, MySQL

Jan 2014 - Dec 2014

Web & Application developer


ArtiTrans is a starting transport company that wanted a full transport management system. Going from package traceability to invoicing of the orders, I made the whole system using PHP in the Symfony framework. This system was divided in 3 parts: a front-end, a back-end and a mobile application for the transporters

Environment & Tools: PHP (Laravel), XML, MySQL, REST Services, Android(Java)

Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

Web & Application developer


Taxicity was a startup that wanted to automate the currently dispatching system of taxi orders. When calling a taxi, there is a whole – not flawless, nor efficient – process that takes place to know which taxi will get to that customer that ordered for it. So, I basically made a whole system to, not replace the dispatching process, but to make it less human-action-based. For example, it would automatically assign orders coming from a certain place to (free) taxi drivers that are the least far away from that location – with the condition that they accept it of course. This was a 3-part project: building a front-end using an already existing back-end, making a mobile app, then proceed to build taxicity’s own back-end.

Environment & Tools: PHP (Symfony), XML, MySQL, MongoDB, REST Services, Android(Java), Linux (RaspberryOS), IoT



Applied Computer Science

Odisee University Brussels

I got my Bachelor Degree at Odisee University in Brussels. In these years I acquired a lot of computer skills and trained my communication and management skills. I created websites, software applications, learned to create Windows & Linux networks and manage them and a lot more things... And I loved it !


Informatics & Business Management

Regina Pacis secundary school

Backend development skills

PHP - Laravel & Symfony3

Java - Spring & Hibernate


CMS development skills




Frontend development skills


JavaScript & JQuery



Development - PhpStorm, IntelliJ, ...

Versioning - GIT & SVN

Management - Jira & Teamwork

Adobe & Microsoft suites


Hadil Zghibat

Hadil Zghibat

Business Manager / SYNCTIV

Soufiane is a highly skilled PHP developer with excellent language skills, as he is speaks perfectly French & Dutch. It was a pleasure working with Soufiane.


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